NYU Falls to Drexel University in a Shootout

By Gabby Rossi

The NYU Violets played a close game against Drexel, but ultimately lost in a shootout this past Saturday.

NYU and Drexel University played a very evenly matched game, with the teams ending each period tied. Drexel was the first to score, however, NYU quickly followed suit with a goal from Mac Brice, assisted by Isaac Davison. Moving to the second period, Drexel was first to score once again, but NYU responded with two more goals from Jackson Oleson and Reagan Wortz, assisted by Adam Peck and James Long, and Mac Brice, respectively. Drexel scored with less than a minute left in the period, bringing the teams tied 3-3 going into the third. Less than ten seconds after Drexel scored their fourth goal of the game, NYU tied it up again, with a goal by Adam Peck, assisted by Adam Svoboda, forcing the game into overtime. Neither team scored during overtime, and the game was then moved into a shootout. NYU played Jackson Oleson, Adam Svoboda, and Mac Brice, with only Svoboda scoring. Two of Drexel’s three players scored, winning the game.

“It was a very hard-fought battle from both sides. We had some bright spots, but definitely have some aspects of our game we want to improve upon. We look forward to getting back to practice to work on those before our games with Delaware next weekend” Said assistant coach Owen Roche.

Brandon Wilky added, “The team played hard, but we ultimately came up short grabbing both points this past weekend. However, we can’t dwell on last weekend – Delaware is a very good opponent who will be ready to go from puck drop on Friday night”

The Violets play University of Delaware this Friday at 9pm on Friday at home and 8pm on Saturday in Delaware.

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