Violets Split Weekend Series Against William Paterson University

By Gabby Rossi

The NYU Violets began their home-and-home series against WPU with a tough loss at home, but came back from Saturday’s game triumphant.

Although NYU got on the board first with a goal by Adam Svoboda and assisted by Adam Peck and Jackson Oleson only six minutes into the first period, WPU soon took the lead with two goals during the first, and another two during the second. NYU fought back, with goals from Josh Stich, assisted by Adam Svoboda and Adam Peck; and Isaac Davison, assisted by Jake Geller and Adam Svoboda. It wasn’t enough, however, as WPU went on to solidify their win with one final goal with less than two minutes left in the game, bringing the final score to 5-3 in favor of WPU. 

On Saturday, neither team scored until the second period, during which NYU dominated the game. Thomas Huang got his first goal of the season less than two minutes into the second thanks to an assist from Mac Brice, who then went on to score shortly after with an assist from Jake Geller and Josh Stich. James Orne and Adam Svoboda also scored during the second period, with assists from Jackson Oleson and Adam Peck, and Mac Brice and Reagan Wortz, respectively. WPU scored one goal during the second period. During the third period, NYU once again scored early on with a goal from Isaac Davison from Josh Stich and Reagan Wortz, however, WPU fought back with two more goals. Despite WPU’s efforts, Thomas Huang scored his second goal of the game, assisted by Josh Stich and Mac Brice, and NYU won 6-3. 

“I always have fun when I’m playing, and having everyone’s support when I get in there is a great feeling,” said goalie Ryan Fueg. “Having fun has always been the top priority for me, and having a team like we do makes it easy.”

The Violets face Drexel University this weekend at 7:10pm on Saturday in Philadelphia. 

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